Creating jewellery is like searching for a soul”


I have been making jewellery for more than 30 years. One day, on a golden beach, my eyes met the eyes of the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He saw me too. We saw each other, and for the following months we did not see anything else. Deeply in love, we decided to change our plans and not go home, but to let our travels last forever. This was where the fairytale of Arts & Crafts started...



I have always worn jewellery. There hasn’t been a day in my life when I’ve gone without earrings. Jewellery is so important, it says a lot about you, whether you care or not. I am not a person who likes to be loud. I like to feel like me. I prefer a style which is relaxed and elegant. I like those details that tell my surroundings that “Yes, I know what’s cool.” Good jewellery emphasises your beauty, it makes you whole. Jewellery for work, jewellery for being a little bit dressed up and jewellery for a party. The jewellery should fit easily into my life. I like to balance on the edge which I call effortless fashion.

This is my design philosophy. If you share it, please join our A&C family. We care for the good things in life, we care about the envrionment, the people who produce our jewellery, and we care about you! Freedom to be yourself is out motto.